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New Orleans Haunted Hotels

Halloween: A Night of Magic and Mystery

Halloween, also known as All Hallows’ Eve, has its roots in ancient Celtic traditions. It marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the darker half of the year. In Celtic belief, this was a time when the boundary between the living and the dead was blurred, and spirits were thought to roam the Earth.


People would wear masks and costumes to ward off malevolent spirits and light bonfires to repel the darkness. The traditions of Halloween have evolved over time, but the fascination with the supernatural remains.


The Haunted House and Its Unwanted Guests

Haunted houses have long been the subject of chilling tales, whether in folklore, literature, or urban legends. It’s believed that certain houses retain the energy of traumatic events, leading to ghostly occurrences.


New Orleans, a city steeped in history, is famous for its vibrant culture, lively music, and delicious cuisine. But beneath the bustling streets and lively festivities, it also boasts a darker side, with tales of haunted houses that have been transformed into charming hotels.


  1. Le Pavillon Hotel

Le Pavillon Hotel, an elegant structure with a rich history, is renowned for its ghostly presence. Guests have reported sightings of a young girl in a yellow dress, who is believed to be the ghost of Adda, the daughter of a former owner.

She is often seen playing in the hotel’s grand ballroom. Old beliefs suggest that to rid a house of a ghost, one must find out their unfinished business. In Adda’s case, it’s thought to be her longing for her mother, who passed away when she was young.


  1. The Olivier House Hotel

This 200-year-old Creole townhouse, now The Olivier House Hotel, has its own share of supernatural stories. The ghost of Madame Olivier, the original owner, is said to wander the halls, ensuring the comfort of her guests.

One common belief in dealing with restless spirits is to acknowledge and respect their presence. Guests often leave small offerings of flowers or chocolates in her memory, and they claim it helps maintain a peaceful stay.


  1. Dauphine Orleans Hotel

The Dauphine Orleans Hotel, located in the heart of the French Quarter, has its own spooky tales. The Courtyard Wing is said to be haunted by a former soldier, a guest from the afterlife who still guards the premises.

Traditional methods to appease such spirits often involve rituals like smudging with sage or offering prayers for their peace.


  1. The Gardette-LaPrete House

This historic house, now known as the New Orleans Courtyard Hotel, has a gruesome past. It was the site of a brutal murder in the 19th century. Visitors have claimed to witness apparitions and hear eerie sounds.

In cases where a house is believed to be inhabited by a vengeful spirit, some old practices include sealing off the area where the haunting occurs or even holding a ritual to release the spirit from its torment.


Share your Halloween stories or pictures, whether you’re out trick-or-treating, exploring haunted houses, or simply curled up with a spooky story.

Happy Halloween!



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